Our partners are companies / institutions with which we share several services, thus enhancing the growth of both and thus providing the best conditions for LINKERS. Be our partner too!


Cowork spaces, with rare exceptions, are partners with each other. They have their own philosophy and dynamics between help and collaboration. Integrating LINK is at the same time entering a huge network of national and international cowork spaces.

Each space with its identity, but mostly with common goals: sharing, networking, mutual aid, networking, growth. Cowork spaces are naturally spaces of work shared by independent professionals and startups, such as designers, artists, psychologists, computer scientists, fashion consultants, architects, illustrators, journalists, translators, among others.


The CrossFit is the training method with the highest annual growth in the world, providing the most complete physiological and neurological adaptation possible to the practitioners, regardless of their age or physical level. Featuring modern facilities and a bold environment, the box is in a privileged area surrounded by nature and with a spectacular view of the Lima River, in the heart of the City Park.

The Partnership with Crossfit VC, offers us special conditions.


Ambassadors are successful entrepreneurs and a reference, for what they have achieved so far, but above all by persistence and resilience as people pursuing a goal. They represent the LINK and guide us in the best strategies to reach the goals.


He was born in Perre, in the Municipality of Viana do Castelo in 1954, dedicating himself to painting since 1968. He attended the School of Decorative Arts Soares dos Reis in Porto. Mentor of the "Arte na Leira" Art Event, organized since 1999, has been one of the main promoters of Painting and Ceramics in the North of Brazil. Member of the National Society of Fine Arts. In 2015, he was awarded the rank of Commander of the Order of Merit by the President of the Republic, Prof. Aníbal Cavaco Silva. His work is represented in several private and institutional collections.

COPASS Brussels

Copass is a platform that allows you to have workplaces around the world, free or at a special price, from the moment you are part of an existing cowork space and a partner of Copass. From Lisbon to Bali, choose the ideal place to enjoy your holidays and work at the same time.


Digital Nomads Portugal is a community and social network for digital nomads based in Portugal, freelancers, remote workers and online entrepreneurs who work and travel. This community aims to bring together digital nomads / remote workers / freelancers and grow this network by sharing life experiences, work, travel, to learn from those who have already escaped from the desk routine or built a successful local independent business .


The Order of Nurses (OE) is an association that brings together all Nursing professionals working in Portugal. It is a public association whose duties are the definition and control of compliance with the rules concerning correspondence professional activity. The partnership with the OE presupposes the use of the LINK by the nurses, according to the conditions protocolized between the parties


Arte na Leira is an arts show initiative that takes place in the heart of the Serra de Arga in Caminha, which offers one of the most fantastic landscapes of Minho and the country. Look at the mountain range from the sky.
Art in Leira is characterized by the "harmonious blend that makes the difference, because it is a manifestation that does not shy away from side by side with established artists, nationally and internationally, and new promises, which will or will not be confirmed," says the news. There is mixture and harmony in the more than 60 artists who exhibit and in the exposed arts, painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, photography, jewelery and design.

PÊRA DOCE audiovisual productions

A multimedia producer based in the north of Portugal, with a multidisciplinary team that loves challenges. They are dedicated to providing services to companies from all sectors.