Have you ever thought about the importance that motivation and interpersonal relationships  play in the commitment and dedication of those who work with you?


Given the network of companies that revolves around LINK, we are in a position to provide your company with a set of activities that will enhance teamwork, unity and improve professional relations within it.


We can organize your entertainment events, wheher internal only or together with other organizations, thus enhancing leisure activities allied to the possibility of new business and contacts.


A team building activity can range from a Quiz game at LINK to a round of golf in Ponte de Lima, a more elaborate team dinner, or a walk, a canyoning descent or a parachute jump. Everything is possible. It depends on how you want your activity to be unforgettable, and how you intend to unite your work team!


Tell us about your goals and we'll send you a proposal. Do not miss the opportunity to offer your employees, and you, an activity that will boost your business.